4 Tips How To Choose Quality Teak Minimalist Furniture

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Furniture or wooden furniture is still a furniture that is widely used to complement home needs. The furniture itself is mostly made of teak and mahogany wood. Teak wood itself is until now the first choice when making home furniture, and mahogany is the second choice. teak wood is chosen as the main material because teak wood has advantages compared to other woods.

one of them, namely, teak wood is very durable because termites do not like teak wood so that teak wood is protected from termite attacks that usually attack other woods. besides that, teak wood also has strong fibers so that it is very sturdy when used for making wooden furniture. although in general teak wood is very suitable for use as a material for making furniture, but we also have to know the right way to choose quality teak furniture, because sometimes there is teak furniture that doesn’t meet the standard, so the results are not optimal.

For this reason, this time I will try to share how to choose quality teak minimalist furniture, furniture which mostly uses teak wood. Here are the tips :


  • Choose Furniture Materials from old Teak (if you can use TPK) As much as possible choose teak furniture using old Teak wood, old teak wood itself has several characteristics, including dense wood fibers, the weight of the wood is also heavier, the wood color is reddish brown -red and evenly. If it is difficult to choose old teak wood, it is easier for you to choose Perhutani Teak Teak Wood (TPK) which has been confirmed to have an old, minimalist 20 years old wood.
  • Good product finishing and quality, one of the ways to know that a good finishing of teak furniture is to look at the furniture by seeing colors in all products, thick finishing and also all wood pores covered in finishing. and wherever possible using the best finishing materials in its class. to make it easier, the product can be felt, if the finishing is good, the product will be very smooth when held. the surface of the furniture is not corrugated. Teak minimalist furniture, will look good for your house.
  • Furniture construction must be strong, one way to find out whether a construction of teak furniture is good or not, namely by: if the furniture product is used, the user will feel very comfortable, the furniture product is also very sturdy when used. The important thing about a teak furniture construction is symmetrical.
  • Choose Original Jepara Furniture Jepara is the center of the teak furniture industry, so that Jepara furniture products have become international scale furniture, so that the products produced in Jepara are of good quality, this is evidenced by until now there are still many foreign customers who entrust the need for furniture in the country them to be made in Jepara. This is what is the advantage of Jepara in terms of the products it produces. Teak minimalist furniture in Indonesia mostly made from jepara.

There are 4 tips to choose quality teak minimalist furniture, hope this article is useful.





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